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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Barry M Lip Paint

Hi everyone this is my version of swatches and review about Barry M lip paint in Peach #54 and Peachy pink # 147 :) enjoy

A matte finish lipstick especially # 147 in peachy pink when i apply it on my lips i always use lip balm or moisturizer because it looks dry on me.
I love # 54 in peach in my opinion it is similar to nyx orange soda and lime crime cosmopop but it doesn't mean i wont try them because i know that they has different finishes.

Peachy pink has a very dry finish but it is more wearable to used

on my lips i apply lip balm first

I purchase it from Starmaine Shop 470
Happy shopping!! :)

Review/Swatches: Lime Crime centrifushia

This lipsticks will be my first Lime Crime lipstick purchased from Starmaine Shop due to my curiosity and addiction to lipstick i love collecting different colors and also different brands. It is a bright fuchsia with blue under tone/ hot pink sometimes when i apply it on my lips I'll make it wearable so i apply 1 application only then i put lip gloss (revlon pink pop)

As you can see this is 2 application on my lips

I really love this color it smells like vanilla,:)my next wish list will be contessa flourescent and cosmopop :)

On LIME CRIME website it cost $16 but i purchased this to my trusted seller it cost Php 750. :) happy shopping
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