Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review:Nichido eyebrow duo kit


All women had a big problem on how to make and shape their eyebrow perfectly! I am one of them :) one day i shaved my eyebrow accidentally my eyebrow looks horrible :( so i decided to grow it 1st before i shave or pluck it...2 weeks after...

My friend told me that the best product on how to shape eyebrow naturally instead of using eyebrow pencil is eyeshadow using eyebrow brush. I go to Watsons and try to look for an eyebrow brush. A beauty advisor of NICHIDO cosmetics caught my attention, she said that they are on sale in selected products only ..hmmm..:) I asked her what she recommends to make my eyebrow looks naturally. She said Mam try our nichido eyebrow duo kit. At php 238.00 comes with small brush and small tweezer.

Coffee on my eyebrow

black on my eyebrow

coffee and black on my eyebrow

Enjoy! Hope this also helps to all girls out there, sometimes we used branded products
Try something we can saved a lot ,cheaper products with the same quality!


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