Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Careline Lipgloss

Finally found this Careline lipgloss at ZAZA beauty stores here in the Bay Citi Mall. This stores  just sold this lipgloss here in Batangas City. I bought a number 104 and 101 .. 103 is my fave colour but it is out of stock : (

101- a nude colour
104- a light pink colour


Satisfied and happy with this careline lipgloss, you don't need to put lipsticks first for a nice finishes..
it is very pigmented at php60 very affordable, smells like melon fruit, creamy and easy to use.

101 on my lips

104 on my lips

hmm....i love #104 :))) happy.....

TNX MUCH  MYLUCIDINTERVALS http://mylucidintervals.blogspot.com/ for sharing your review about this...:)

Have a nice day sweeties!



A week after I didn't wrote a blog because my daughter was confined to the hospital. She diagnosed acute appendicitis. She undergo for an operation. Not easy as mother to have her child's illness especially at her age of 10 yrs old..
There I felt deep depression and anxiety while in the operating room. Not because of cost but her safety during operation. Be called nothing else but our Lord. Cried, :'(  I know as a mother would not know what I feel, my husband is there with my parents who support my daughter and their "Apo". Many friends was concerned with my daughter they are praying for proper and safe operation of Bea.
I knew that it is one of the trials god want to experienced with us. To make us much stronger!
Many thanks to all! Now healing for my daughter and hopefully she'll be ok



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