Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nichido liquid eye liner and nichido kohl eye pencil


Since I didn't know how to use eye liner to make a perfect cat eyes or just a simple one..:( At php68. Inexpensive to use for testing purposes and learn how to line on my eyes. I do not know what is the best products used on eyes to make a perfect cat eyes or just a simple one. Is it gel, liquid or pencil? Or i should learn the technique of it. My hand feels shaky and I can't make a perfect thin eye liner on my eyes :(

I also bought Kohl eye pencil I will compare Which is the most convenient to use. They has three colors Black, Brown and Black Brown. I choose black brown it results very naturally. It cost php100.

Im sorry if i apply it flawed  :( "first time"

I promised soon it will be perfect :)

What eye liner would you recommend the most convenient to use?
Gel, liquid or pencil

Thank You sweeties!!

smile :)

Review: About Asian secrets lulur whitening body scrub


Last night I used this product I am so impressed with the effect it is my  first time to used a body scrub. Once you opened it wow! the aroma smells like shampoo its smells good even after using it. Its aromatic effect is fastened to the skin. Feel fresh and cool after i used it.This greatly used  in the armpit it gently exfoliated the skin and loose dead skin cause of deodorant. It really good even on my feet, knees, elbows and Between the thighs. It cost php 80 for 135g. i decided to buy this because I think  many people taunt to try this. It is the only one stocks in Watsons (Batangas City Branch). Hopefully they will add many stocks soon,

I hope i could get another much bigger costs php130..

What do you imagine when you see this picture?


I think it looks like vanilla ice cream...yum..yum..yum.

Have a nice day everyone! Thank you Ms. Shen for the review of this products :))

Review: Maybelline Pure.Foundation MINERAL powder foundation

One of my friends on my Facebook account used this products, it's one of the products she uses in her face. I have'nt ever tried this and I see that many beautiful woman tried, proved and tested this product.
Before you use it you need to clean out your / my face. Use your favorite moisturizers and cream. Then I applied 8 in 1 BB cream by Maybelline, next will be Maybelline mineral powder foundation. Woolah! Simple the best :)

It comes with mini kabuki brush :)

Application Tips from plastic box

Maybelline products never fails about satisfaction of their user.
It contains no preservatives, no oil, NO FRAGRANCE which i like most.
Clinically proven on most sensitive skin
It is the natural color when you already wear it.
SPF 19.PA++

swatches on my arms

For me I try to buy it again why? because its very affordable at php599 not bad.. Use sparingly on the face and easy to use.

Check their websites for new products

:) smile sweeties


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