Tuesday, August 2, 2011


PROUD user and fan of Dove products especially Dove beauty cream bar, it contains moisturizing cream so I really love this soap. I used it in my everyday life together with MYRA-E facial moisturizer after I washed my face. It smells like vanilla and milk, even my kids loved it too. Before I had a big problem regarding acne and scars because of using many products on my face like whitening soaps and facial scrub. I also used products from clinic center offers facial and other facial services obviously you will continously using their products for a best result.. I am not satisfied with the results and spending too much money! I decided to used this soap that obviously suits my skin.

Love also Dove whitening deodorant (unscented) it has fragrance free, non - sticky and easy to dry. Back label: You can get softer, smoother and lighter underarm in just 2 weeks. :) It's only deodorant with 1/4 moisturising proven to lighten darkened underarm skin caused by underarm hair removal. 0% alcohol Dermatologist approved! AGREE! :) at php 89 each it last a month  :)

Some supermarket is on sale or selling it with 2 small dove cream bar it cost php 120

I want everything simple like pure white
"Purity is Feminine"

love simple women :)


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