Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite Foreign Make up Gurus

Hi everyone here are the list of my favorite make up gurus in no particular orders:

Michelle Phan - This is the first video i watched to her channel. Since i want a simple look i fell in love with her talent. Music from her videos are relaxing! Add her to your list. Subscribe
 Youtube channel -

Itsjudytime - Most girls here in Phillipines and all over the world know her right?? A talented girl , down to earth and simple. We loved this girl so much :) We are proud because she is also a Filipina...Add her to your list..Subscribe :)
Youtube Channel -

Hollyanneree - I love her features so much. with or without makep! Love her videos and giveaways! :) Add her to your list! Subscribe ;)
Youtube Channel -

Makeupbytiffanyd - When i first saw her in youtube she reminds me of my favorite singer ( Celine Dion) . She is so pretty also with or without make up. I call her "perfect"! Very sweet face...
Add her to your list! Subscribe :)
Youtube channel -

Andreaschoice - I really love her lips! super sexy girl,...She looks like Barbie in this video...I envy her skintone so much..Add her to your list! Subscribe....:)

Dope2111- Look at her from no make up to Kim Kardashian look! I really appreciated how she worked hard to look similar to the person she want to imitate. A girl or guy look! Two thumbs up! Add her to your list! Subscribe...:)

Pixiwoo - Omg! Love this girl so much and also her sister. They are both talented and gorgeous!. sweet voice and nice accent :) Add her to your list! Subscribe..:)

Gossmakeupartis - I'm a big fan of him so much! I'm impressed with the men who love make up, Special talent to be one of make up gurus. When i watched his video i remember my friend who's in Italy right now. You learned a lot from him. Add him to your list! Subscribe..:)

Missjessicaharlow - "Hello Gorgeous'" this is how she greeted her viewers in youtube.. A sweet voice just like her angelic face. Add her to your list! Subscribe...:)

Kandeejohnson - Love her videos about haul, make up tips and hair tutorials....Add her to your list! Subscribe..:)

Fromheadtotoe - She looks familiar to Hollyanneree am i right?  I thought they are sisters :)
I want how she looks with make up on! Very simple and flawless .. Add her to your list! Subscribe..:)

DulceCandy87 - Sexy and Fab!  Add her to your list! Subscribe...:)

Juicystar07 - A young beauty guru...You learned make up tutorials and fashion videos also with her. But sometimes the only thing i don't want to her is her voice. When she's in hurry sometimes her voice sounds like a kid, but it doesn't matter as long as you learned something from her..You didn't noticed it because she's pretty :) Add her to your list! Subscribe....:)

Enjoy Sweeties!!!
Next will be my Favorite  Filipina Make up Gurus ! 
Godbless :)


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