Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nichido liquid eye liner and nichido kohl eye pencil


Since I didn't know how to use eye liner to make a perfect cat eyes or just a simple one..:( At php68. Inexpensive to use for testing purposes and learn how to line on my eyes. I do not know what is the best products used on eyes to make a perfect cat eyes or just a simple one. Is it gel, liquid or pencil? Or i should learn the technique of it. My hand feels shaky and I can't make a perfect thin eye liner on my eyes :(

I also bought Kohl eye pencil I will compare Which is the most convenient to use. They has three colors Black, Brown and Black Brown. I choose black brown it results very naturally. It cost php100.

Im sorry if i apply it flawed  :( "first time"

I promised soon it will be perfect :)

What eye liner would you recommend the most convenient to use?
Gel, liquid or pencil

Thank You sweeties!!

smile :)


  1. I've been using nichido liquid eyeliner for about 6 years now and it's still my HG liquid eyeliner. for beginners, i suggest using gel eyeliner. with the right brush, it is a breeze to apply. if your hands are shaky, get a good brush that will give you more control. practice makes perfect :)
    i only use pencil eyeliner to line my waterline. yes, it is the easiest to use for lining the upper lid but i'm personally not satisfied with the color payoff of pencil eyeliners. and the thickness of the line depends on how sharpened the pencil is unlike liquid or gel liners which are buildable :)
    hope this helps :)

    PS. I just found your blog and realized this post was last year ago. hope you've already perfected that line :)

    1. Thank you Ms. Hazeleaf for your advise it really helps promised, i'm not the type of person who always wear liner sometimes occassionally because i'm a full time mom. And i wore liner when there is special gathering with family or occassion..i promised to buy gel liner :) sadly i think i did'nt applied it perfectly :( and practice it and hopefully it works hahaha. thanks again for your time godbless :)



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