Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Careline Lipgloss

Finally found this Careline lipgloss at ZAZA beauty stores here in the Bay Citi Mall. This stores  just sold this lipgloss here in Batangas City. I bought a number 104 and 101 .. 103 is my fave colour but it is out of stock : (

101- a nude colour
104- a light pink colour


Satisfied and happy with this careline lipgloss, you don't need to put lipsticks first for a nice finishes..
it is very pigmented at php60 very affordable, smells like melon fruit, creamy and easy to use.

101 on my lips

104 on my lips

hmm....i love #104 :))) happy.....

TNX MUCH  MYLUCIDINTERVALS http://mylucidintervals.blogspot.com/ for sharing your review about this...:)

Have a nice day sweeties!

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