Friday, August 5, 2011

Sleek Blush FLAMINGO

I 'm a simple women, in my everyday life i wear blush, lipsticks and mascara if necessary. Sometimes after i washed my face in the morning i only  put powder and lipbalm. I am not fan of blushes i always buy my blush at drugstores cosmetics like maybelline (velvet apricot) it is a luminous blush that naturally brighten up and sculpts my face.
Yesterday got this Sleek blush in Flamingo! OMG! WOW!

It is the lightest pink among pixie pink and santorini. Very pigmented matte finish has a shimmer, it looks glowing and natural when you used it. I adore this one unlike other blush i've used before. Small amount in a brush and blend it WOW!
it really fits my skintone :)

It cost php 470 at 
Visit her for latest list of prices

Sleek website:

SWEETIES! Enjoy.........

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  1. the colors are gorgeous!





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