Friday, August 5, 2011

Lime Crime in Cosmopop

My second wish granted!  Starmaine Shop makes every girls wish possible! I've been wanting this lipstick for so long... hahaha
2nd Lime crime lipsticks in my mini- collection.

One of fashion-forward shades, Cosmopop is a buttery, softened orange. Think creamsicle! So pigmented, you will get 100% coverage even on the darkest complexions

For me, cosmopop looks nude on is a light orange, creamcicle, yummy! haha
The smell is the best,,,i think i'm craving a.........vanilla ice cream and cake...
It is the lightest version of Barry M in Peach but unlike barry m- it has matte finishes. Cosmopop has a sheen finish :)

I am not one of the lucky girls! Like Angelina Jolie's perfect lips hahahaha and i need to wear lip liner and concealer first before applying cosmopop....:(

The packaging is unique, it looks like my daughter's toy cosmetics...:)
It cost php 750 from Starmaine Shop
Before application I used  with or without lip balm but sometimes when i used lipbalm 1st, it looks chalky :(
I combined cosmopop with clear or nude lipgloss


Sweeties ENJOY!

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  1. I love the color and I agree that it will look better should I put on some gloss in it, it will prolly look more chic :) Thanks for the post, i'll check out the online shop. Oh and by the way, as I am eager to meet other bloggers as I am relatively new in the blogosphere, I 'd like to invite you to join my simple contest! Let me treat you out on a gastronomic experience at a fine-dining restaurant. It wouldn't hurt to have a break every once and a while :)



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